GLUTAX 5GS Micro 5000mg Cellular Ultra Whitening is regarded as an upgraded version with added vitamin which helps in accentuating the skin tone leaving it more beautiful and cleaner like never before.

It contains 5000mg of glutathione and additional vitamins which gives you gorgeous, healthy, flawless white complexion.

It removes all kinds of impurities from the skin like pimples, dark spots, blemishes, acne, and birthmarks making your skin smooth, glowing, supple.

With Glutax 5gs micro cellular ultra whitening, you will see the difference in your skin tone just after the dose so why wait when beautiful shining white skin is in your hands. Glutax 5gs micro cellular ultra whitening also aids in anti-aging by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, dead cells etc and providing warmth and youthful radiance to your face.

Glutax 5gs micro cellular ultra whitening is safe and many satisfied consumers throughout the world use it with complete trust and achieve desired skin lightening results.

Glutax 5gs micro 5000 mg skin whitening injection
skin whitening agent which is can be used to obtain fairer, whiter, pimple ad acne-free complexion. you can see the difference in just four weeks. it very effectively lightens and softens the skin all around. the product also very effectively lightens the dark circles beneath the eyes. it very well prevents the skin from ulceration and heals the wounds fast and easily.

Glutax 5gs Ingredients

  • the major ingredients of Glutax 5 gs micro 5000 mg are egf. q 10, placenta, multivitamins, grape seed and vitamin b complex

How to use Glutax 5gs

  • one ampoule per injection should be taken every week for one to two months.
  • This product can be administered either intravenously (iv) or intramuscular (im).
  • As per the suggestions from the experts, this injection should be avoided by individuals having allergies to vitamins of any kind, patients with cardiovascular problems, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant mothers.

Product Specification

FeaturesCellular Ultra Whitening
How To Useweekly once
Usage Commercial, Clinical, Hospital.
Injection SiteIntravenous

FAQ Gultax 5gs

Q: Are GLUTAX 5GS injections are good for skin?

Q: There is any side effect?

Q: If I want to use this for the first time is it good for me?

Ans: These are off label practice and depends on the experience and comfort of the treating physician. a good skin care regimen comprises 4 steps – cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sunblock.

Note: Based on skin type, a dermatologist will recommend you appropriate products. Suggest meeting a Dermatologist.

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