Natural Ways to Enhance Your Look And Feel of Your Face

There are many ways to make you good looking. Nowadays in the market, we have many cosmetics which make you good looking. Changing creams is not preferable as chemicals used in it are antiseptic and they may affect your appearance some or the other day. So it is better you go for natural ways which make your face glow.

Some of the ways which make your skin bad are – you may get wrinkles on your outside skin, which may be dry, rough or oily, etc. Prevention procedure differs for skin type. The natural process is the best way to go with. It will cost low, the time taken is a few minutes. Let us discuss’ few things on beauty tips below.
Tips to make you look good:

Based on your skin type –

Oily: Mix wheat flour paste with water and apply it gently on the surface. Wait till it gets dry and then wash. You feel better after you try it, you can see the glow on your face.

Dry: This kind of skin is due to lack of vitamins A and C. Carrot and apricot drinks will help you to acquire these vitamins and makes your skin smooth. Pantothenic acid is a vitamin B5 which eat fat and oil present in your body. So eat leafy vegetables, nutritional yeast, wheat germ, etc., which contains nutrient B5.

Rough: Humidity, dehydration, environmental conditions make your skin rough. To elude it, applying orange juice on your face will make rough skin smooth and soft. Apply it night-time, which will give you the best outcomes. Taking care while going out by covering your skin from sunlight and dust will equally maintain your looks.

Based on damages on the skin-Wrinkles: Apply honey mixed with cabbage juice on the face and wait till it’s dry. Do it repeatedly for quick results. Commonly it may be because of your age. In such cases; drinking water is necessary, avoid eating sugar, going in the sun and eat anti-aging vegetables which include radish, cabbage, turnips, etc., anti-aging fruits include avocado and watermelon.

Scars: Mixture of applying sandalwood with honey will give you the best solution for scars. An effective way for scars.

Blackheads: Take 3 tablespoons of baking soda and water; rub it for a few minutes in the place where you need to apply and wash it with warm water for best results.

Apply lemon juice or warm honey on the affected areas, spread over for 10-15 minutes and wash.

Pimples: acne is also a pimple which is red in color. Garlic is an anti-biotic which helps to remove pimples and acne on the surface.
As a natural cure mix fresh tomato pulp, rose water and honey before going for bath 15-20 minutes.

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